The Most Popular Sports in Asia

Sports are popular all over the world. Whether you are in Europe or the Americas, you are likely to know of some sports, as well as watch them. The rest of the world is not that different, when you think about it. If some sports are popular on one continent, there is a strong likelihood that they will be popular on another.

Asia has always had its own way of approaching things, but are sports similar to that? The list will most likely not surprise your.

Football – Soccer

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and with that, it is also the most popular sport in Asia. While Asian teams have not been known to dominate World Cups, they have been known to compete fiercely, as fiercely as they would in any other sport. 

Football is popular everywhere, a simple game that people enjoy watching, as well as playing. While there is a difference between a local backyard player and a professional, it is relatable and that is what people enjoy.

Cricket – The Second Most Popular Sport in the World

Cricket doubles as the second most popular sport in the world as well as in Asia. Cricket was brought to Asia by the British during their expansion to India. It is one of the most popular sports in India and through their numbers, in Asia and the World. It is also popular in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan as well as Pakistan. Cricket is not a sport for everybody to watch, as some matches can last for days, depending on the type of cricket. More modern formats allow people to watch cricket as they would any other sport, for 2 hours, at most.


Sports do not really vary that much on a continent basis, as one might expect. From country to country, there is a high likelihood that some sports will be more popular than others, but when an entire continent is in question, things look a bit different.

In Asia, basketball is as popular as it is in the world, third. The FIBA World Cup is actually going to be held in Asia in 2023, in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. This is indicative of these countries’ love for the sport, others should not be forgotten.


The world seems to be mirrored to an extent, and Asia mirrors the world when it comes to the most popular sports. Japan has a lot to do with Baseball’s popularity, but they are not the sole reason. Baseball is also becoming more popular in other Asian countries, and to nobody’s surprise, enough that baseball makes the top 4.

Sports in the world are likely popular on continents, some more than others. Asia mirror’s the world when it comes to the most popular sports. These are some of them, but others like rugby, swimming, volleyball, tennis and especially table tennis are also very popular.