4 Best Workouts for People Who Hate Working Out

For some people, taking care of their bodies becomes such a chore that they cannot make themselves do what needs to be done. A beginner who wants to make their body a bit fitter can also run into a lot of trouble with the choice of exercise.

There is also the problem of people who simply hate working out. Having to do repetitive exercises can really take a lot out of you. Some find their way around it, others need a bit of assistance. For those who hate working out, here are the best workouts you could try to help you with that issue.

Cycling – You Can Go (Almost) Anywhere

Cycling is simply one of the best ways you could work out. You need a bicycle and some willpower and you can move from point A to point B with the power of your legs.

Depending on the distance and your skill and fitness level, it could take you more or less time, but cycling is a great way to explore the world while working out.

If you are adventurous enough, the workout part of cycling becomes secondary. There are many roads you have never traveled before, literally. With a bicycle, those roads will open up new worlds, to an extent. Try cycling if you hate workouts and you will find new horizons.

Trekking – Mountains and Fields

Trekking is a great alternative to cycling. It involves you using a lot more of your body but that should not be an issue. For beginners, shorter treks are recommended to get their bodies into the right place. After a while, longer treks should become easier to overcome.

Some people even start working out so that they can trek further and with more ease.

The fitter you are, the easier it becomes to endure a long trek, leaving you with enough energy to focus on the scenery and everything else that might come your way, from wild animals to rivers, meadows and even rocky ridges.

Climbing – Full Body Workouts on Height

Why do something the easy way when you can challenge yourself? Climbing is a lovely sport which can challenge your body but more than that, challenge your mind.

There are many routes which one could attempt to climb, no matter their climbing level. They range from you being able to climb in boots to you suffering as soon as you grab the first hold.

Yet, climbing is a mental challenge as much as a physical one. Using your problem solving skills and muscle memory to attempt to climb a route is more rewarding than simply repeating the same motion over and over again (weightlifting, for example).

Curling – It Looks Easy, But it Isn’t

Curling is one of those sports which looks easy to everybody who isn’t aware that the stone weighs 19 kilograms or 44 pounds. One has to have the proper technique to move with the stone and throw/slide it. Curling can be great fun because it is played with either one more person or three more, against the same number of people. It is a social sport and one that is the embodiment of sportsmanship. Try it at your local club or get floor curling gear if no club is available.

These are the four best workouts for people who hate working out. Have fun!