The Best Vacation Spots in Europe That You Should Visit

Europe is a cultural wonder. A continent filled to the brink with countries so different that you would need a couple of lifetimes to get to know everything. The countries may be small (debatable if you look at Spain, Germany, Poland, etc) but there is so much culture packed into a tiny continent, that choosing one destination is almost impossible. 

But, if you happen to want to go on vacation and your destination is Europe, here are some vacation destinations to consider.


The heart of England, its capital city, London is a cultural marvel which you should visit whenever possible. It is a great city to explore, from Buckingham Palace to the Big Ben and beyond. Make sure not to wander into the wrong pub, however, because what you are wearing might cause you some hassle from local football fans.

Visit London if you want a taste of the British experience, a city which you could travel for a year and still find nooks and crannies to explore.


The city of Love, or so it is called. Paris is definitely an interesting city to explore if you want to get a taste of French culture. Paris has everything to offer, as much as London. Depending on which culture you prefer and which time of the year it is, you should consider Paris as your next vacation destination. If you could visit both Paris and London to get to know both cultures.

The Alps

The Alps are a broad term but you should consider visiting the Swiss Alps. You could approach them from three different countries, depending on which peak you would like to climb. It is a great destination for your skiing and snowboarding trips, as there are many winter resorts on the Alps. Climb Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn or if you are very brave, the Eiger North Face.


This city is by no means large, compared to all the capital cities of Europe that you could visit. It is a medium-size city, where you could technically visit most of the old part of the city on foot. It is a remarkable city, home to many of Italy’s great artists and inventors. Virist during any time of the year because the weather will be appropriate. The summers will be hot, but not scorching, so make sure to bring sunscreen.


Cities are fun and all, and mountains are nice, but why not get a taste of the seashores and beaches that Crete has to offer? Oh, Crete also has mountains, not as tall as the Alps, but definitely mountains. You can climb mountains or enjoy a stroll through some of the towns, as well as spend time on a sandy beach, relaxing. Crete is a great destination for sea lovers.


Barcelona is one of Spain’s most amazing cities. Visit to see its wonderful architecture as well as the culture, which is unrivaled when it comes to the energy and partying. Antoni Gaudi left his mark on this city and his two works are something that everybody visits when in Barcelona. 

These are some of the best destinations to visit when on vacation in Europe. There are so many more, but consider these if you truly have no idea where you would go. Europe has so much to offer, and you might find yourself returning for more.