Can You Bet on Curling? – What You Need to Know About Betting on Curling

Sports, they are fantastic, with everything that often comes with them. Fans, passion, great athletes, great victories, great disappointments as well. Yet, sports have always been close to sports betting. Betting on sports has been going on for centuries and some sports were invented so that the rich would have what to bet on.

A sport like curling, while not as popular as other sports, is still a favorite among the bettors both offline and online. So in short, yes, you can bet on curling. But how and which bets is the next set of questions. Questions which will be answered shortly.

The Basics – Betting Odds

Before one attempts to bet, one should first understand betting odds. The odds are different from place to place, but typically, you will see three types, moneyline, fractional and decimal. They are associated with the US, UK and Europe, in that order.

Ludovic Péron, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Moneyline odds are probably the most complicated to European bettors. They tell you how much money you would have to bet in order to win 100$. There is a minus sign next to a quota for one team and a plus sign for the other. The minus represents the favorite and the plus the underdog. The favorites are worth less money than the underdogs, in case you win.

Fractional odds are represented with fractions, such as 2/6 for one team and 5/1 for another. The team whose first number is larger than the second is the underdog. In this case, you would win your deposit and another 2/6ths of it if the favorite won, or 5 times as much if the underdog won.

Decimal odds are represented with decimal numbers, such as 1.90 for one team and 3.5 for another. Decimal odds are the simplest to understand. You would only have to multiply them with your deposit to know how much you would earn.

Moving on, here are the curling specific bets.

The Bets You Need – Curling’s Finest

Curling has a couple of bets you should consider. Moneyline or outright winner is the first bet. Handicap bets, total number bets and tournament winners are the rest.

The moneyline bet is simple and straightforward. You bet on either team to win a match. There are no ties in curling.

The handicap bet is great when the odds are very different between two teams. You bet that one team will lose but with 4 points difference. This bet is more profitable than betting on a favorite.

The total bet is a prediction bet. You predict how many points a team will score in a match, including extra ends (rounds). 

The tournament winner bet is simple and present in almost all sports. You bet on whoever you think will take everything, prior to the tournament’s start. 

Fabien Perissinotto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

General Advice for Betting on Curling

Curling is a sport in which northern-based countries often dominate, as well as countries which generally do well at the Winter Olympics. In curling, Canada, Sweden and Scotland typically do well at tournaments. There are upsets, but these countries often perform. You should do your research regardless of any country’s prestige and status in the sport up to that point. 

Betting on popular tournaments like the World Championships and the Olympics are obvious places to start. Curling has its Grand Slams, like tennis does. There are a total of six grand slams, giving punters multiple opportunities during a single year, if they want to bet on curling specifically.

Curling is a sport like any other, when it comes to betting. Things are not as complicated provided that you understand the odds and have done your research. Finally, one should always remember to gamble responsibly.