The Most Popular Water Sports

Sports are interesting when you play them on land. We can play football, basketball or anything else. But what if we were to take a sport on water, or under water? Well, there are plenty of water sports which are good enough for professional athletes, and are pretty popular as a recreational activity. Here are some of the world’s most popular water sports.


Nothing beats having a boat and sailing, whether on a huge lake, along a coastline or out to the deep blue oceans.

Sailing is a professional water sport, as well as a great recreational activity.

One can easily sail provided that they know how to operate a motorized sailboat. Renting one and having a picnic, vacation or even a date, is a possibility if one wants to experience sailing on their own.


This is a great water sport. It provides the swimmer with a full body exercise as well as fans with a great sport to watch. Swimming is professionally done indoors in Olympic swimming pools, but one can also take them to open water if one wants to experience a little adventure. Beware of sharks and waves, particularly underwater currents.

Scuba Diving

Some sports let you experience the world, but while being on water. Sports like scuba diving let you explore a whole new world, the one below. There are great sights to be seen underwater, from species of fish which you have never heard of, to corals and even wreckages like the Titanic. You should start with swimming pools, though there are courses for scuba diving which we recommend not to skip.


Surfing is a very interesting sport. You are on a board, swimming to a somewhat large distance away from the shore to catch a good wave. The higher the wave you catch, the better the score, as well as reputation among other surfers. Things do not need to be that intense, however. Most people are glad to simply stand on their boards when they catch even the smallest wave. It is a fun and dangerous sport.


Kayaking is a great sport if you want to relax a bit. Yes, you could explore some faster rivers or white waters, yet most kayakers prefer to paddle in calmer waters. This sport is great if one wants to relax and enjoy their day out on a lake or river, depending on their location and preferred level of challenge.

There are many more water sports to try, but these are the most popular ones.