What is Curling? – Get to Know the Sport of Curling

Not every sport is like curling. Actually, very few sports are like curling. It has its specific rules and regulations, as well as its own shoes. Some people use ice skates to play curling, but typically, curling is the only sport which is played on ice but doesn’t use skates professionally. Rather, they use a pair of shoes, designed specially for curling ice, which is not the same as regular ice.

This is just one of many interesting facts which one probably did not notice about curling. Here is a more detailed look into curling, to get to know it better.

Curling is a Team Sport and an Olympic Sport

Curling is a strategic team sport where typically, four players from one team play against four players from the opposing team. The goal of the game is to have more points than the opposing team. Scoring is done by sliding a curling stone on a sheet of ice onto a marked surface. The surface is marked with circles, there being four of them. They are also called houses. Each player on the team can slide two stones. One end or round lasts until all 8 players slide their two stones, making a total of 16 stones per end. There are 10 ends in a match, or more if the match ends in a tie.

Curling is contested at the Olympic Games.

Where Did it Come From?

Curling, like many unique sports, has its roots in Scotland. It has been played there since the 16th century, at least as far as we know. Once the British started exploring and colonizing the rest of the world, curling spread everywhere. Notably, it grew strong roots in Canada, where it is one of the more beloved sports. It is probably more famous in Canada than in Scotland. Its origin story is a matter of its own, which would go beyond the scope of this explanation.

Can Curling Be Played by Everybody?

Curling can be played by everybody. It requires dexterity and agility, particularly because it is played on ice. Yet, not every city in the world has a curling rink. In some parts of the world, curling is available only through floor curling. Floor curling is similar to curling, except it should be played on any smooth and dry surface. The World Curling Federation designs floor curling stones and target mats, which you can simply place on any above mentioned surface.

This way, curling is more accessible and possible serious athletes might consider moving to a curling rink when given the opportunity.

What About Professional Curling?

Professional curling is played on ice only. To become a professional, one would need to take a few more steps than just “know” how to curl. Becoming a professional is an entirely different matter to playing recreationally or as an amateur.

Curling is a very specific sport played on sheets of ice. It has two teams of four players, 8 curling stones per team and targets on both sides of the sheet. To win, one team must have more points than the other after 10 ends or rounds.