Why You Should Consider Hiking as a Good Exercise

Exercising can be difficult if you have no prior experience. Amateurs and beginners make the frequent mistake of wanting to become too good too fast, thus missing out on learning the proper form and how to prevent themselves from being injured. Some sports are not like that, they do not have to expose you to danger in order for you to exercise.

Hiking is one such sport/activity. One should always consider hiking if they want a good exercise, which is both beginner friendly and great for advanced athletes. Here are a couple of reasons why to go hiking if you want to exercise.

Hiking Can Be an Exercise for Everyone

Hiking is a very intensity-modular activity, meaning that you can cater it to your own fitness level and goals. Simply add more intensity by going faster or choosing a route with a steeper climb and you are surely going to get a better exercise out of it.

If you are not as fit as you would like to be, then you can go slower or choose a route which is relatively flat. This way, you can choose the terrain and the level of exercise you want, making hiking your own exercise, as you would if you were in a gym.

Hiking is Great for the Lungs and Heart

In general, aerobic exercises, which hiking inevitably becomes after you cross a certain threshold, are great for the lungs and heart. You will get good exercise out of your legs and core, but also out of the rest of your body, particularly the lungs and heart, which have to deliver blood and oxygen at a steady rate. Hiking will do wonders for your cardiovascular system, as well as your lungs, increasing their capacity. 

Legs, Core and Even Arms

Depending on the trail you choose, hiking will definitely help you get a good workout for your legs and core. If it is very steep, you might have to use your arms, as well. Hiking is particularly good for people who spend their time sitting a lot, meaning anybody who has a sitting job or is generally sedentary.

A short or long hike and you will get most of your required weekly exercise to stay fit. With the right intensity, you might even cover two weeks of exercise. Hiking can put the legs through their paces, offering a balance of volume and intensity, depending on how you plan your route.

Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise, even if you are a total beginner. You can adapt and choose the trail according to your fitness level and goal and thus completely remain in control of the exercise. You will also spend time outdoors, in nature, which is good for the mind, as well as for the body.