How to Find Time for Recreational Activities When You Are Busy?

We live in a very fast world where things tend to happen too quickly for anybody to remain stress-free. With that, it is hard to find time for various activities other than work and perhaps socialization. Socialization suffered a lot given that we have a global pandemic on our hands, but recreational activities did not (except those which require lots of people in a close proximity). Yet, finding time for recreational activities can be hard regardless of a pandemic. Here is how you can approach that problem and find your freedom.

How Much Time Do You Really Have?

This is a question which you have to ask yourself in order to find more time.

If you have plenty of time after work, but you spend lots of it on things like social media, the internet or simply losing yourself in a TV show or anything of the sort, then there is your free time. Being busy has to do with priorities and organization. One chooses how they will spend their time.

Being sincere with yourself with how much time you really have will help you find the time you need to have any sort of fun or recreational activity. Consider things that you can live without, or rather, which you can do in moderation.

A Schedule – Plans Work

It is as simple as that. When you plan for something, a day or two ahead you are likely to have more success in doing it than if you were to simply attempt and do it by feel. We tend to listen to our emotions but that is far from the optimal course most of the time.

Planning for your activities, even days ahead, will lead to you thinking more about your time and how you will use it. If you know that you have to go play table tennis or football with your friends, then you will prepare things in advance, if not physically, then mentally. 

Doing Without Other Activities

Sometimes, to free up time, we have to cut down on other activities. This might seem like a bad idea at first, because we are creatures of habit, but in reality, cutting down on needless internet time and social media time is not such a bad idea. Having fun with your friends or by yourself, doing something recreational, should be much more rewarding.

See which activities you can do without, like browsing social media sites or spending time reading about “interesting facts”. This should give you an hour or two per day.

Sleeping Better

Sleep can influence the entirety of our day. Sometimes we lack the energy to do anything, simply because we did not get enough sleep. Sleep is very important for both our health and our daily activities. It becomes a vicious circle, a lack of sleep leads to tiredness, to worse concentration, to no energy for activities, to feeling bad, to attempting to do anything nice late at night, to more bad sleep, and so on and so forth.

The key to finding more time for recreational activities when you are busy is to be sincere with yourself, plan ahead and sleep better.